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    Car Sat Navs are devices designed to be the best companion of a driver. Wherever you drive, Sat Nav will tell you how to get there in the quickest and the most efficient way. Satellite Navigation will take the stress out of your driving.

    These small, lightweight and portable devices are windscreen mounted to be easily visible by a car driver. Powered by a cigarette lighter socket can be easily installed at any car and moved from one vehicle to another if necessary. They can also be known as GPS unit as they rely on Global Positioning System to indicate the position of your car in the world with accuracy up to 1m. These days, even the cheapest Sat Navs feature a range smart functions such as voice control, speed cameras warning, toll roads info, traffic information and can even tell you the right lane to use at the junctions. Some of Sat Navs feature a built-in Bluetooth module that allows a connection with mobile phones and can be used for hands-free calling.

    Our range of GPS Sat Navs let the customers choose from models that have pre-installed UK maps, Full Europe maps, Western European Countries maps. Most of the manufacturers guarantee lifetime map updates that can be easily done via Wi-Fi once necessary.

    How to choose the right Sat Nav?

    The first point that needs to be considered is map coverage of the unit. The UK maps models are ideal for use in the UK but won't be very helpful once you decide to visit Europe. The full Europe maps models are more expensive but guarantee a maximum coverage. Additional features such as Bluetooth connectivity or voice control are a massive benefit while driving.

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