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    Round Ribbon Cable

    Round ribbon cable is a type of ribbon cable distinguished by its shape. Ribbon cables typically consist of a group of wires laid out flat, side by side, often with each wire coloured differently to help differentiate between them. Round ribbon cables have the same principle, but the wires are folded or braided to fit inside a jacket and only flattened out at the end of the cable when they need to be terminated.

    What are round ribbon cables used for?

    Round ribbon cables are mainly used for external wiring in electronic equipment or appliances and consumer products. Compared to other types of ribbon cable, they take up far less room, which makes them useful if wiring is needed in a limited space.

    Types of round ribbon cable

    Round ribbon cables come in shielded and unshielded forms and can have different voltage ratings and capacitance. The number and size of the strands can vary, as can the length of the cable and the cable's maximum and minimum operating temperature.

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