Telephone Cable

A telephone cable is a method of guided transmission for your telephone line. This means it acts as a physical path to transmit electromagnetic waves and carry information from point to point. This is done by means of a conductive material such as copper wiring. Telephone cables are sheathed in a protective material such as PVC in order to protect the wires from damp and damage.

What is a telephone cable used for?
A telephone cable can be used for all kinds of communication purposes. They're found in telecommunication applications such as audio and TV equipment as well as in computer and telephone networks. Fibre optic cables are a more advanced version of telephone cables.

What type of cable do I need?

The type of telephone cable you choose will depend on the specific task it is needed for. For example, in high-tech audio equipment, it is necessary to prevent sound interference. The telephone cable will therefore need an extra conductive layer to ensure inference doesn't reach the cable itself.

Whether the cable is to be used inside/outside or as a telephone extension will also determine the type of cable that needs to be used.

There are a range of telephone cables available including those that have been manufactured to British Telecom (BT approved) and European standards.

All telephone cables can be connected to a telecommunication network interface such as a Registered Jack (RJ). The RJ11, RJ14 and RJ25 connectors are the most commonly used interfaces for telephone connections with the RJ11 being the most widely implemented. The RJ11 is a modular connector with wire for one telephone line and is used for single-line telephones in most homes and offices worldwide.

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Description Price Fire Behaviour BT Specification Number of Cores Shield Type Outer Sheath Material Reel Length Core Strands Cross Sectional Area American Wire Gauge Conductor Material Cable Shape Number of Strands Outer Diameter Sheath Colour
RS Stock No. 518-5875
Mfr. Part No.SPE191373
1 Reel of 100 Metre(s)
- - 2 Unshielded PVC 100m 1/0.5 mm - - Copper Multicore 1 - Green/Yellow
RS Stock No. 518-5718
Mfr. Part No.SPE191358
1 Reel of 50 Metre(s)
- - 6 Unshielded PVC 50m - 0.066 mm² 30 AWG - Multicore - - White
RS Stock No. 520-2699
1 Reel of 100 Metre(s)
- CW1308 40 - PVC 100m - - - Bare Copper Twisted Pair - 10.7mm White
RS Stock No. 2508758656
Mfr. Part No.30-9519
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
RS Stock No. 2509556666
Mfr. Part No.65-TF228M
1 Reel of 304 Metre(s)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
RS Stock No. 2508758729
Mfr. Part No.30-9565
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -