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    Graphite Compression Packings

    Compression packings are braided packing elements used to damp leakage between the housing and the moving parts of rotating joints, such as glands, valves and pumps. They have excellent chemical resistance to strong acids and alkalis and are used for various applications across industries depending on the braiding methods and braiding materials, ranging from cotton to graphite.

    What are compression packings made of?

    Compression packings for glands and valves are made from specially selected polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) filaments or acrylic fibre and exfoliated graphite. The braiding process in compression packings ensures a firm but flexible product of consistent density, suitable for continuous operation in varying temperatures, shaft speeds and pressures. Compression packings have excellent dimensional stability and extrusion resistance, making them ideal for high stress environments such as in plunger pumps.

    What are compression packings used for?

    Compression packings are used in a wide range of industries and applications, including chemical processing, food production, pharmaceuticals, hospitals and plumbing. They offer a non-contaminating packing with a low coefficient of friction and are also self lubricating, ensuring consistent optimal performance. Compression packings are suitable for valve and pump packing in harsh environments such as refineries, mines, steel works and cement works.

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