PID Temperature Controllers

What are PID Temperature Controllers?
PID temperature controllers are an on/off process controller that uses mathimatical fomula to calculate the difference between the desired temperature setpoint and current process temperature to ensure the process temperature remains as close to the setpoint as possible. PID controllers are effective at dealing with process distrubances that can have an impact on the quality of the product that is being measured.
How do they work?
The three elements of the PID algorithm are the Proportional, the Integral, and the Derivative. These elements each relate to the variance in the process temperature versus the setpoint in a period of time.

- Proportional - the variance between the setpoint and the current process temperature
- Integral - the previous variance from the setpoint
- Derivative - the predicted future variance based on previous and current variance

These variances over time are then calculated using a PID formula and the result indicates how much power needs to be applied to the process to maintain the temperature at the setpoint.

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