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    Adhesive Brushes

    Adhesive brushes are tools used to spread adhesive onto larger surfaces where precision application is not needed. The brushes have a dense bristle count to maximise the update of adhesive component with each dip.

    Adhesive brushes have a metal or plastic handle that clinches the brush hair tightly at the front. The brush hairs are typically hogs' hair or silicone bristles.

    What are adhesive brushes used for?

    Adhesive brushes are used to apply cold and hot glues, PVA or pastes. They are used in commercial and industrial applications to apply cement, paint, oil adhesives, resin and epoxies.

    Adhesive brushes are also used in woodworking workshops and toolrooms for the spreading and painting of products like glue, paste and grease over large surface areas.

    Types of adhesive brushes

    There are many types of adhesive brushes available in a number of shapes, sizes and lengths. Examples include bridled round glue brushes, short hair brushes, stiff flat brushes, Tampico brushes and silicon brushes. Round brushes are used for thicker materials such as paste and epoxies, while flat brushes are better for lower viscosity materials like grease and other lubricants.

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