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    Rubbermaid Commercial Products

    Rubbermaid Commercial Products


    Rubbermaid Commercial Products

    Rubbermaid Commercial Products continues to expand into product categories where brands matter and customers place a premium on innovation and offers the market a more substantial product offering, and best-of-breed business practices as a strong, successful partner

    Slim Jim Step On

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    Waste Management Solutions

    • New Slim Jim containers have venting channels that makes it 80% easier to lift liner.• Iconic BRUTE® Containers offers industry leading durability & ergonomics. It is ideal for waste collection and transportation• Slim Jim Step On is designed for commercial environment and long pedal cycle. Closing lid will conceal waste and meet security standards

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    Safety Solutions

    • Mobile Barrier 16 folding panels will reach 4 meters when open or collapse completelly to simplify storage• Pop Up Spring loaded safety sign will deploy quickly and store in dedicated tube• Over-the-spill system will quickly absord spills and protect pedestrians from slipage

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    Smoking Management

    • Iconic Tuscan resin structure has a clean look and is easy to clean• Infinity and Metropolitan lines offer sophisticated styling and all-metal construction for attractive and efficient smoking litter management

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