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Reducing cost with RS Pro

Manufacturing giant Tata Steel has seen significant benefits for its business through adopting RS Pro products across its maintenance operations.

The challenge

An example of how RS has been able to help a customer take better control of its process costs is its work with Tata Steel – Europe’s second-largest steel producer. Tata’s UK site in Port Talbot, South Wales employs around 600 engineers who order and use thousands of MRO products each year.

Given the volume of MRO products Tata orders each year, the procurement team was challenged to find cost-effective alternatives to big-name branded items while still maintaining the safety and quality standards of those products. In addition, Tata was keen to achieve more standardisation of its tools across the business.

The solution

RS is a strategic supplier for Tata, having supplied MRO products for a number of decades. Tata shared its objective of reducing costs with RS and asked what part the business could play in achieving this. Using transactional data of products and brands RS has supplied over the years, RS was able to sit down with Tata and look for opportunities where an alternative brand could support them.

One initiative RS ran was to help reduce costs for Engineers Test Kits. RS worked with Tata’s engineering team, and hosted a meeting at the RS Local branch in Cardiff to review a selection of RS Pro and Branded products, to review which would meet their specifications. It was during this exercise that RS’s Account Manager introduced Tata’s Head of Engineering to RS Pro, RS’s own-label range of tools and products, as a solution to their challenge.

Having looked closely and been impressed by the quality and variety of products in the RS Pro range, Tata began to work with RS to identify ongoing MRO purchases that could be substituted for RS Pro products. Just one example is a multimeter, which Tata includes in an electrical testing kit provided to all electrical engineers – the branded meter costs £247, while the RS Pro version was just £106 and met all of Tata’s requirements.

The outcome

Tata has embraced RS Pro over the past 12 months and switched a significant number of purchases away from branded items. Despite having to work with new products, the RS Pro tools have proven popular with Tata engineers out in the field.

“We had some pushback initially when we switched from a branded multimeter to an RS Pro alternative,” says Rob Choat, Electrical Engineer at Tata Steel. “Some engineers who had been trained on the branded product didn’t like the idea of switching, but over time, and with support from RS, we’ve won those people round and they now admit that the RS Pro multimeter meets our needs.”

The simplicity of ordering has helped to improve the entire purchasing process, which lets the engineers spend more time on their actual role of keeping the business running efficiently and less on sourcing products and tools. RS has also been able to deliver direct to engineers’ desks from the local trade branch in Cardiff, which makes getting hold of the products even more straightforward.

“The benefits over the last year of switching from bigger name brands to RS Pro has been that we have maintained the quality of the products but vastly reduced the cost,” adds Choat. “This helps me because it is much easier to get requisition orders through when you can show the savings you are making – it makes my job much easier.”

Over the course of 12 months RS has calculated that switching from branded products to RS Pro alternatives has saved Tata at least £30,000. What’s more, RS has identified a further £13,000 of potential savings that Tata could still make if they switch more items in the future.

The overall result is that Tata now has access to a huge range of RS Pro products that have high availability, industry-standard quality and cost significantly less than branded alternatives. These products have been seamlessly integrated into the daily maintenance workstream while maintaining Tata’s high standards.

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