Workplace safety overview

Workplace hazards can exist across a production area or site, and taking the appropriate steps to protect against, reduce or eliminate the risks. Here are some examples:

Machine Safety

Machines can present a variety of hazards, both in normal operation and when things go wrong. Protecting the operator, and ensuring the machine runs efficiently is vital.

From conveyors to compactors, and packaging machines to palletizers there are different ways to ensure that any entry points to the working machinery are guarded – either physically or using ‘optical guarding’.
In most cases the type of machine safety required is governed by different EN ISO standards, which together help machinery manufacturers and end users meet the requirements of the Machinery Safety Directive.

With our market leading range of machine safety products and brands we have the solution. If you are designing a new machine, upgrading an existing process or maintaining a production line we have the components you need. Click the links below to explore our range.

Machinery Safety:

Safety Relays Electronic Sounders
• Emergency Stop Push Buttons Beacon Sounder Combinations
Non Contact Safety Switches Beacons
Solenoid Interlock Switches Buzzers
Safety Rated Interlock Switches Pre Configured Beacon Towers
Safety Limit Switches Modular Beacon Tower Components

Safety Input Output I O Modules

Lamps Bulbs Tubes

Light Curtains

Axial Fans

Machine Guarding Accessories

Machinery Safety Brands







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Electrical Safety

Precautions need to be taken before and whilst working near and with electricity. It’s not about just staying safe, but making sure any electrical work you undertake is performed correctly and left in a safe state to avoid injury to others and be complaint with the electrical regulations.

Electrical Safety:

Digital Multimeters Voltage Indicators
Insulation Testers Infrared Thermometers
Ohmmeters Heat Shrink Cold Shrink Sleeves
Earth Ground Resistance Testers Lockouts
Clamp Meters Electrical Safety Mats

Electrical Safety Brands:





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Personal Protective Equipment & Site Safety

It is essential that the correct personal protection and site safety equipment is used depending on the working environment and at RS we are continually adding new and innovative products from leading brands, but also introducing selection guides and videos to make it easier to find the products to suit your needs.

Personal Protective Equipment & Site Safety:

Hard Hats Safety Harnesses
Disposable Respirators Safety Boots Safety Shoes
Reusable Respirators Hazard Warning Signs Labels
Safety Glasses Hazard Tapes Barrier Tapes
Ear Plugs Spill Kits
Welding Masks Torches
Work Gloves Waistcoats






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