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Maxim Integrated - Industrial Sensing Solutions

Maxim Integrated - Industrial Sensing

In today’s environment, semiconductor products are employed across numerous diverse industries to meet an assortment of needs and application. Things like sensors and interfaces, or analog processing and telecom products must be small, powerful, and tough enough for industrial applications.

Maxim Integrated develops products for a wide range of industrial needs. Their products come with integrated current and voltage protection, and benefit from reduced space and power requirements while offering superb performance.

With a focus on sensors, and sensor interfaces, their products help you collect data and communicate that information to automation controllers.Maxim Integrated's full range of sensors include: temperature, thermocouple to digital converters, resistance termpature detectors (RTD) converters, and current sense amplifiers.

View the latest industrial sensing products from Maxim, including the MAX40056 Series Current Sense Amplifier.

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According to International Energy Agency’s latest report in 2017, motor systems consume 53% percent of global electricity. Find out how the MAX40056 can help you optimise your design.

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