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    Test Probes

    Test probes are a great addition to many devices in order to establish a connection for testing or measurement purposes. Whether you're using an oscilloscope or a multimeter, having the correct probe is important not only for measuring, but for the safety of the test. Test probes can measure several elements from voltage, current, resistances to temperatures and signals. Probes can come in many forms from standard needle probes to more modular probes where you can use alligator clips, all at varying cable lengths for the job it requires.

    Types of Test Probes

    There are many types of probes that can be used for various applications, these include:

    • Needle Point Probes - Featuring a needle point tip to allow for precise location for testing. Some needle point test probes can pierce the surface of a cable for testing without causing damage. The needle tip is generally made from stainless steel for a durable and long life. Connections can be made through banana connectors for a swift and secure connection.
    • Fused Probes - Probes provide an additional layer of protection for the individual when carrying out an electrical test. Fuse test leads feature a built infuse from a short circuit, for example. Rather than shorting out or rupturing the internal components of your device, the test probes will protect you and device from harm.
    • Spring Test Probes - also known as a contact probe, these are great for testing semiconductors or PCB's with a reliable electrical contact. Used to test the functionality and measure the impact of a component. The make up of a spring test probe is a spring loaded contact plunger located inside a metal tube. Usually gold plated because of gold electrical conductivity properties.

    Why choose RS for Test Probes?

    RS has a range of test probes from some leading brands such as Fluke, Harwin, Hirschmann Test & Measurement and our very own brand RS PRO. We have technical advisors on hand to answer questions you may have.

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