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    Magnifiers are handheld devices used to increase the magnification of objects greater than the human eye and are ideal for anyone doing detailed work. They are made with convex lenses that bend and converge at a focal point when light passes through. Magnifiers have been around for decades and have been improved with technological advances. Our range of magnifiers reflect the current magnifier types available on the market and have been sourced from leading brands such as: Coil, Eschenbach, Hozan, Mitutoyo, Molex, and RS PRO.

    Popular Magnifiers

    • Eye Magnifier
    • Magnifying Glass
    • Magnifying Glass with Light
    • Magnifying Headband
    • Pocket Magnifying Glass
    • Jewellers Loupe

    What is magnification?

    If you need to see something small you can bring your eyes closer however the object will become blurred as the eye cannot focus on details close-up. Magnification from an eye magnifier for example enlarges objects or text to make things clearer and easier to see and can help reduce eye strain. It is also important to know what magnification strength is needed before you purchase one as there are many different types to suit all applications.

    What are the most common magnifiers?

    Magnifying glasses or illuminated magnifying glasses are extremely popular. These handheld versions are designed with an ergonomic handle attached making it easy to adjust the distance between the viewing lens and the object. They can also be used to compensate for slight differences in uncorrected near-sightedness or far-sightedness and are suitable for people who wear glasses.

    Application Information

    Magnifiers are a type of vision aid and are perfect for detailed tasks including inspection work and general hobbies, Magnifying glasses are often used by:

    • Jewellers
    • Scientists
    • Electronic servicing engineers

    Why choose RS for Magnifiers?

    Our comprehensive range and easy browsing unable you to find the ideal solution for your needs quickly. Our products are of the highest quality and supported with technical documentation, giving you the confidence to make a considered purchase.

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