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    Data Acquisition Accessories

    Data acquisition is sampling vast amounts of signals that measure real-world conditions and then converting these measurements into values that can be read by a computer. However, it isn't possible without some accessories to aid your data acquisition system. There are many options for data acquisition system accessories, these include connectors, multiplexers, interfaces, modules, adapters and software.

    What are Data Acquisition Accessories?

    Data acquisition can aid the success of measuring and recording data, as environments can change and requirements, so it's important to have the right accessories to match your system. Some of these accessories include:

    • Multiplexors - known as a mux or data selector, a multiplexer device is used to forward multiple digital and analog input signals in to one output. In forwarding multiple signals in to one output, a multiplexer allows several signals to share one device.
    • Connection Cables - These help to bridge the gap between sensors, interfaces, computers and your data acquisition system. For example, the Socomec RJ12 cable is plug and play straight into your sensor.
    • Carrying Case - Whenever you need to transport your data acquisition system, then check out RS range of carrying cases.

    Applications of Data Acquisition Accessories

    • Research and Analysis
    • Design Validation and Verification
    • Manufacturing and Quality Test
    • Diagnostic and Repair
    • Asset Condition Monitoring
    • PC-Based Control and Automation

    Why choose RS for Data Acquisition?

    RS has a large of data acquisition systems that will suit your needs and we have product experts available to advise you have the correct piece for your project. We have data acquisition from some leading brand in the industry, including Keysight Technologies, Sefram and Mitutoyo.

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