Personal Protection Clothing & Footwear

What is personal protective clothing and why is it important? Personal protective clothing comes under the umbrella of PPE (personal protective equipment) and is designed to ensure the safety of you and others using either protective materials or disposable attire, depending on the application. Protective clothing should be used when interacting with materials that may cause either long or short-term damage.

It’s extremely important to use protective equipment when working with hazardous materials, in potentially unsanitary conditions or in other situations where you could be considered at risk.

Protective equipment is not just used on work sites – it’s also used in the hospitality and food industries to prevent cross-contamination and infection.


Our range of protective clothing and accessories includes overalls, gloves, jackets, and trousers, as well as waterproof, high-visibility, and disposable clothing. We also offer a comprehensive range of foot protection products, including steel toe cap boots and safety shoes – ideal for tough working conditions, either indoors or out on location.

For RPE (respiratory protective equipment), hearing protection or any other equipment, see here. here

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