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    Solder Flux

    Use solder flux as an important cleaning component prior to soldering. Solder flux is designed to reduce the formation of oxides that form when you have hot metals in contact with air. Our range includes leading brands such as Chemtronics, Circuitworks, MG Chemicals, Multicore and RS PRO.

    What are the benefits?

    Solder flux cleans the oxide before soldering, allowing a strong clean connection between solder and the components.

    How do you use solder flux?

    Apply a liberal amount of flux to the components to be soldered, using a soldering iron tin the tip then solder the part together. You will instantly see a cleaner join, free from oxidisation and a perfect connection.

    Types of solder flux

    • Rosin Fluxes
    • Water Soluble Fluxes
    • Aerosol Flux
    • Lead Free Flux
    • No Clean Flux


    Solder flux is used in electronic servicing, PCB assembly, plumbing and DIY applications.

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