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    Power Tool Chargers

    Use power tool chargers to keep your cordless power tool batteries charged and in good working order. Our range of chargers is available specifically for your brand and battery type. Our range includes leading brands such as; Bosch, Crowcon, DeWALT, FEIN, Makita & Steinel.

    How do battery chargers work?

    When the time comes to recharge the battery pack remove the battery from the cordless power tool, place it on charge then switch on the main supply. Leave it in place until the charger indicates that the battery is fully charged.

    What kind of batteries do they charge?

    Chargers are used with:

    • Li-ion batteries
    • NiCd batteries
    • NiMH batteries

    Battery Charging Times

    Battery chargers will have a different charging time depending on the size and type of the battery. It's important to have the right power tool, battery & charger for your type of work. Charge times can vary from minutes to hours.


    Power tool chargers are used in industrial applications such as construction, maintenance, servicing, plumbing, and general DIY.

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