Renewable Energy Kits

Renewable energy kits are devices that use solar power to generate electricity, often in remote or off-grid locations.

How do renewable energy kits work?

Renewable energy kits use photovoltaic cells to create electricity from sunlight. The power is stored in a battery, which may or may not be included with the kit. Devices can then be charged from the battery via USB, for example. Unlike normal solar panels, renewable energy kits are portable and so are ideal for use with motorhomes, when camping or on boats. They can be mounted at an optimum angle on to a stand or simply used on top of a roof. They allow for rapid installation in remote places and avoid the costs and difficulties of connecting to the mains grid. They are designed for maximum longevity and usually need very little maintenance

What are renewable energy kits used for?

Depending on their power output, renewable energy kits have various uses, from charging mobile phones to running higher power consumption devices like TVs, games consoles, lights, laptops and alarm systems.

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RS Stock No. 769-4223
Mfr. Part No.SM0501
BrandSolar Mate
Solarmate I Lighting Kit
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Mfr. Part No.SS9048
Solar Lighting Kit