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    Hydraulic Pump Flanges

    Hydraulic pump flanges connect hoses, tubes or pipes to pumps, creating systems through which hydraulic fluid can flow. Flange fittings are flared connections where two flat surfaces are bolted together. They're designed to withstand high pressures without leaking. Different configurations allow you to change the direction of flow, split flows and change line elevation.

    RS have a great range of hydraulic equipment including cylinders, pumps and accessories to meet various applications

    What are hydraulic pump flanges used for?

    Larger threaded port connections require high torque. This can make assembly difficult, especially where there is limited wrench clearance. Flange connections divide the hydraulic load among four bolts, each requiring less torque. This allows for more convenient assembly and repair in confined spaces, without the need to use threaded connectors or adapters.

    Flange connections are used in the most demanding mobile equipment applications and are resistant to high pressure, shock, loosening and vibration.

    Types of hydraulic pump flanges

    Two common industrial standard hydraulic flange connections and several specialised types are available in a variety of materials. These include plastic, brass, steel, stainless and nickel alloy and are designed for use in different environments, with different performance characteristics. It's recommended to connect materials like-for-like (plastic with plastic, steel with steel).

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