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    Hydraulic Hand Pumps

    Hydraulic hand pumps do not need electric power to enable them to operate meaning you can work independently from a power source making them extremely portable. These hand pumps manually transfer fluids and are a practical and cost effective solution for various applications including filling, pressure testing and hydro test. These manual pumps can be single acting (displacement in on the forward stroke) or double acting (displaces liquid on forward and return stoke).

    RS have a great range of hydraulic equipment including hydraulic hand pumps which contain models suitable for a variety of requirements, offering variations in liquid volume displaced versus the measured effort of operating the handle. These hydraulic hand pumps are available in various pump styles and flow rates with pressure options suited to different applications.

    How Do They Work?

    Hydraulic hand pumps contain a reservoir of fluid that is typically activated by a lever. When the lever is pumped ’downward’ it generates pressure on the fluid which leads to it being displaced through the outlet. When the lever is pumped up it ’sucks in’ water from the inlet, resetting the reservoir for the next activation. Hydraulic hand pumps contain safeguard valves that prevent fluid being sucked back in through the outlet. Many hydraulic hand pumps are known as ’double action’ which means force is generated on both the up and down stroke of the lever, for more efficiency.

    Hydraulic Hand Pumps Features and Benefits:

    • Easy to operate, no need for a power source
    • Durable
    • Low Maintenance
    • Portable
    • Cost effective and practical
    • Single speed or Two speed
    • Single acting or double acting hand pumps
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