Spindle Locks

Spindle locks stop the rotation of a spindle. Spindle mechanisms are used in external controls such as knobs found in electrical devices and are a type of variable resistor, enabling the user to control resistance by turning the knob to the right or left.

What are spindle locks used for?

Some variable resistors or potentiometers are a rotating knob comprising a spindle. Turning the knob will regulate the amount of current where needed, for example in measuring instruments, testing and repair devices, dimmer switches used in lighting, and volume control on audio equipment. A spindle lock will stop the rotation of the spindle where required during operation, removal or mounting.

What are the different types of spindle locks?

Spindles can be found in a wide range of electrical and electronic devices which require a multi-turn potentiometer, and certain potentiometers require a spindle lock to control the movement of the spindle. The type of spindle lock will correspond to the particular potentiometer in question, for example cordless drills use spindle locks to lock the motor spindle so that the drill bit can't turn.

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