Paper Capacitors

Paper capacitors are a type of capacitor with a layered construction of aluminium sheets separated by waxed or oiled paper sheets. The paper between the aluminium acts as the dielectric (insulating) material. Some paper capacitors feature a cardboard cover while others are encapsulated in hard plastic.
What do capacitors do?
Capacitors are a type of passive component that stores an electrical charge. The more charge a capacitor can store, the larger its capacitance is. Capacitance is measured in denominations of farads – such as microfarads or picofarads.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of paper capacitors?
• Paper capacitors have a high working voltage and a high capacitance range. They are suited to high voltage and high current applications.
• The paper dielectric provides excellent stability and reliability of the component.
• Paper capacitors tend to have high leakage rates, making them unsuitable for applications such as AC coupling
• Paper capacitors typically have tolerances between ±10% and ±20%, making them unsuitable for precision timing circuits.

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RS Stock No. 239-668
Mfr. Part No.PZB300MC13R30
4.7 nF, 100 nF 275 V ac PZB300 20mm -20% +20% ±20% Y2 - Through Hole 24mm 16mm 12.5mm 24 x 12.5 x 16mm