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    Joint Gaiters

    What are Joint Gaiters?

    Joint gaiters are a covering used to protect and extend the life of a CV joint. They provide the specific part with protection from the ingress of dust, dirt and corrosive elements.

    What are Gaiters made from?

    Gaiters are typically made from a durable synthetic rubber (such as polychloroprene) or plastic. The rubber ensures that they are resistant to most oils, chemicals and greases. Some models can be filled with grease to help with the lubrication of plain bearing points. Their durable construction gives them a long working life, in which they will need little or no maintenance.

    How do I install a Joint Gaiter?

    Gaiters are incredibly easy to install. Simply put the gaiter in place over the joint, and the nylon cable ties on the locating ring on the outside of the gaiter. This covers the joint, offering protection whilst the ties firmly secure the gaiter into position. In a situation where a double joint part is being used, it is advised to use to use two joint gaiters to provide maximum protection to the joint.

    Some joints do not require gaiters to offer additional protection. For example, joints with needle roller bearings will not benefit.

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