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    p>Hammers are one of the main tools within a work professional's tool bag. They are simple yet effective, with a variety of uses ranging from demotion to shaping materials and attaching fastenings. Hammers are found in a variety of forms and styles across an extensive range of industries due to their simplicity and adaptability. We have categorised our range into four main groups: Ball Pein, Claw, Lump and Sledgehammers.

    Ball Pein

    Ball Pein hammers are extremely versatile hand tools, small enough to fit in tool boxes or bags and strong enough to shape sheet metal. Our selection of ball pein hammers offers forged and heat-treated heads for increased durability, excellent weight distribution during use, which reduces fatigue, and a range of handles for comfort, strength and durability.


    Claw Hammers, most often associated with woodworking, can be used for a multitude of jobs. Claw hammers feature two sides; the first is a solid face for driving nails into an object or hitting objects such as chisels or parts of a project into place, and the second is a split, fork-like tail for extracting nails or prying objects apart. Claw hammers come in a range of materials and can feature metal, wooden or rubber handgrips. Claw hammers come in a range of weights and sizes to suit both the user and the job at hand.


    A Lump Hammer is a small lightweight sledgehammer. Its short handle and bold, often square-shaped head is most commonly used for demolition or driving large objects. Lump hammers are typically categorised by their weight, but there are other variables to consider when buying one. Handle materials vary and can be made from various types of wood, fibreglass, graphite and steel. Handles also often feature rubberised grips for additional assurance as well as aiding in shock absorption. Lump hammerheads are most commonly made of steel but, for more specialist applications, non-sparking heads made from aluminium bronze can be found.


    A Sledgehammer is a tool with a large, flat, often metal head attached to a handle. Designed for heavy-duty applications, they are used in instances where an ordinary hammer will not complete a task, such as demolition. They are available in a variety of head materials that vary in suitability depending on the intended application. Sledgehammers have striking faces that are strong and so they rely upon the physical strengths of the operator to deliver accurate blows. Always use safety equipment such as safety goggles, ear defenders and reusable gloves during any destruction projects.

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