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    Paint Rollers & Paint Trays

    When undertaking any painting and decorating project it is worth taking some time to plan and prepare. Making sure you not only have good quality paint, it is essential that you also have the correct tools for the job. Using paint rollers and trays will save you time and money and will also ensure a professional result. RS offer a range of high-quality paint rollers, trays and accessories from leading brands including Ambersil, Rocol, Facom and of course RS PRO.

    Paint Rollers

    Are a complete decorating tool consisting of a metal roller frame and a sleeve. They enable you to apply an even coat of paint and cover large areas easily. The sleeves come in a range of materials including foam, polyester or microfibres. Sleeves can easily be removed from the frame, so they can be cleaned or replaced. Paint rollers come in two diameters 1.5 inches (38mm) or 1.75 inches (44mm) and a variety of lengths ranging from 19mm to 305mm.Mini RollersMini rollers are the same as a standard-sized roller but much smaller! Mini rollers are ideal for painting behind radiators or hard to reach spaces like behind cupboards and cabinets.

    Roller Sleeves

    Roller sleeves are available in a range of materials and types, each with their own specific use. Roller sleeves are available in short, medium and long-pile. The sleeve material can be made of synthetic fibres or natural fibres or a mixture of both. Synthetic fibres are typically used with oil-based paints and natural fibres are better for use with emulsion paints. It is always best to check as the choice of the sleeve depends on the type of paint you are using.

    Paint Trays

    Paint trays are typically made from plastic and come in different widths to match your roller. The tray has a deeper section at one end for holding the paint and an angled slope. Rollers are simply rolled down the slope and dipped into the paint, lift and roll back over the textured slope. This helps to reduce splatter and any drips and provides even paint coverage.Extension PolesExtension poles are used in conjunction with paint rollers. They are ideal for painting ceilings or hard to reach places. Extension poles can be fixed or telescopic for greater flexibility.Paint Roller KitsKits are an ideal way to purchase all the tools you will need in one go. Kits typically comprise of a plastic roller tray, a roller handle and a selection of roller sleeves in different materials and piles. Kits are available in mini and standard sizes.

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