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    Scrubbing Brushes

    Consider scrubbing brushes as part of your light or heavy-duty cleaning processes. These affordable hand tools are used to scrub clean a surface or area with applied pressure to remove dirt and debris quickly and easily. Our range of brushes has been sourced from leading brands such as Facom, Vikan and RS PRO.

    Types of Scrubbing Brushes

    • Hand Brushes
    • Brushes with broom handles

    Types of Bristles

    • Polyester
    • PVC
    • Natural Coco
    • Natural Hair
    • PET
    • Polyester
    • Polyethelene

    Key features

    • Hand held brushes that allow for detail cleaning and extra pressure to be applied for tough stains and dirt.
    • Brushes with broom handles are great for hard floor surfaces.
    • Soft bristle brushes make quick work of dirt and stains, also protecting delicate surfaces from damage..
    • Hard/ Extra hard bristle brushes are for tackling heavily soiled areas.

    Where would you use a scrubbing brush?

    Scrubbing brushes can be found in industrial and DIY applications such as hospitals, schools, in your home or garden.

    Why should you choose RS for scrubbing brushes?

    We put customer satisfaction at the forefront of our business, we've been established since 1936 and have unrivalled expertise with providing customers with scrubbing brushes. We support engineers all over the world, distributing products to customers in over 160 countries.

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