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    ESD Cabinets

    ESD cabinets are storage cabinets specifically designed to safely store sensitive electrical components, such as PCBs (printed circuit boards), that are prone to damage from ESD (electrostatic discharge) – the flow of electricity between two objects.

    RS offer a selection of high-quality ESD furniture and accessories including cabinets, draws and dividers for all your workshop, laboratory and cleanroom needs.

    Features and benefits of ESD cabinets

    ESD storage cabinets are usually made from polypropylene, a semi-conductive, high-impact material that's robust and durable. It's designed to help create a static-safe work environment and protect your components against damage both on and below your work surfaces. The shelf and drawer style system ensure components are separated and you can add drawer dividers for easy organisation.

    Types of ESD cabinets

    You can choose from a range of height, size and drawer options depending on how many components you need to store. Also depending on your space, there are designs that can be wall-mounted, freestanding or mounted on turntables, stands and trolleys. Designs may also include self-adhesive labels for easy labelling and drawer identification.

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