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    Office Phones

    An office phone is usually placed on a desk or in an accessible place within a working or personal environment. Some can be wall mounted, and others are specially designed for video conferencing and can facilitate communication between many numbers of people.

    What kinds of features does an office phone have?

    • Multiple number of phone lines

    • Video conferencing

    • Wireless and corded

    • LCD display

    • Desktop or wall mounted

    • Speed dial

    • Phone book

    • Accommodates conference calls

    • Integrated keypad

    • Last number redial and mute button

    • Digital interface

    • Video and audio

    • Wi-Fi connectivity

    • Integrated Bluetooth

    Why should I have a phone in the office?

    Having a phone in your work place will encourage productivity, enrich collaboration and allow for communication internally and externally.

    Meetings made easy

    Video conferencing and being hands free allows you to continue with what you are doing or give you the freedom to conduct a PowerPoint presentation whilst in a meeting room. Video conferencing options can cater for small rooms to board rooms and are a great solution for group calls and activities. Video conferences can be hooked up to via USB and Bluetooth, making the setup and experience with the device simple and smooth.

    RS Components offers a large variety of office phones, supplied by leading brands such as Polycom, Plantronics and Logitech.

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