Keyboards are external computer hardware similar to a typewriter. They are used to enter text, numbers, character’s and give instructions into a PC. Most keyboards are the QWERTY style keyboard which is based on the layout of a typewriter, however, there are different layouts for other countries to support special characters.

Keyboard types

  • QWERTY - English

  • QWERTZ - German

  • AZERTY - French

Typical Keyboard layout

  • PC Keyboards consist of 84 – 104 keys and there are 4 types of keys

  • Function Keys (Top Row)

  • Numeric Keys (2nd Row) Numeric keypad is also on the right-hand side

  • Typing Keys (3rd, 4th, 5th row)

  • Control Keys (last row)

How do Keyboards work?

When a key on the keyboard is pressed, an electrical circuit is closed and the keyboard sends a signal to the computer that basically tells whether it is a letter, number or a specific symbol, which we would like to be shown on the screen.

Popular keyboards


They allow more natural hand and arm position reducing the risk of RSI (Repetitive strain injury) these keyboards normally include wrist wrests to maintain a good hand position, they may also be a contoured shape.


A spill-resistant keyboard ideal in clean rooms and the medical industry. These keyboards can be fully cleaned easily and quickly and have an on-off button so can be switched off for cleaning, they also have a cleaning reminder which you can set, which is important for infection control.


These are normal keypads but incorporate a touchpad mouse, the mouse is controlled easily by the touchpad and normally has 2 mouse keys.


Numeric keypad used for frequent numeric entry on PCs or Notebooks

Application Information

Keyboards are an essential device for any PC in the home or office. We offer a wide range of keyboards from compact, ergonomic and medical keyboards that are easy to clean and a choice of connections like USB, Bluetooth or wireless. Browse keyboards in Keyboards and Mouse Sets


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