Air Alkaline

Air alkaline is a type of battery that relies upon the reaction between zinc metal and manganese dioxide in order to work. Compared to batteries made from zinc-carbon, air alkaline batteries achieve a higher energy density with the same voltage. Air alkaline batteries are used in many household items such as MP3 players, CD players, digital cameras, pagers, toys, lights, and radios.

Advantages of air alkaline batteries

Air alkaline batteries require less maintenance and supervision for users, and are cost-efficient. They also require less frequent charing which leads to overall greater safety in on-site situations.

In particular:

  • Air alkaline batteries are relatively low cost and are environmentally friendly due to their long shelf life. 

  • They are more cost effective than standard zinc carbon batteries.

  • Air alkaline batteries give an almost constant controlled voltage throughout their life.


Air alkaline batteries are used in railway signal lighting, roadwork signal lighting, telecommunication, parking meters, fence lighting and signal lighting at sea. 

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Description Price Nominal Voltage Capacity Dimensions Chemistry
RS Stock No. 784-6008
Mfr. Part No.RSPRD9003
8.4V 130000mAh 190 x 128 x 157mm Air Alkaline
RS Stock No. 784-6018
Mfr. Part No.RSPCD1702
3V 100000mAh 64.5 x 64.5 x 163mm Air Alkaline