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    Drawer Storage

    Drawer storage units and cabinets are an ideal way of storing and organising various items including components, parts, tools and accessories. Storage drawers are the perfect solution for the workplace, office or home storage. Storage with drawers offers a safe and secure place to keep all your parts conveniently in one place. RS offer a range of high-quality storage units in different designs, and styles including free-standing, plastic storage boxes with dividers, box stackable and wall-mounted.

    Types of Drawer Units

    Free Standing Racks / Drawer Towers - These types of storage units are available in a selection of widths and heights. Free-standing units usually contain clear drawers allowing you to see at a glance what is contained in each compartment. Available with either a plastic or steel frame, these units are sturdy and low maintenance, perfect for almost any work environment.

    Portable Drawer Storage - Affixed with castors, these lighter draw units and trolleys remain mobile, so you can easily take your tools and components to where ever they are needed.

    Desk Standing / Under Desk Drawer Storage - Small and lightweight these draw units are specifically designed for desk side or under desk use. A handy and practical way to access your parts. For those that operate from a desktop or workbench, these are ideal.

    Tilt Drawer Storage - Slide and tilt drawers are designed for when the drawers cannot be reached safely. Drawers can be tilted and slid out on a rail to ensure the safe handling of high-reach drawers.

    Wall Mounting Storage - These units are ideal for workshops, warehouses and factories. The robust units usually contain shelving and pull-out bins or drawers. They are perfect for keeping components neat and tidy in busy environments.

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